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Which of these common obstacles have prevented you from achieving your health and fitness goals?

Have you considered personal training before but didn't think you could afford it?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, we have the solution for you. 

The Very Best Personal Training at The Most Cost-Effective Price

Personal training can be very expensive, which means:

🔸Paying for the optimal number of sessions per week is often too expensive.

🔸Supplemental fitness classes do not complement and support your training programme

Our Small Group Personal Training changes all that and if you already have personal training sessions, ask yourself what you’re paying for…

Are you paying for the pleasure of having a guy or girl count your reps for an hour, controlling the speed or resistance on your machine, chatting c*** and reciting the occasional motivational cliche such as, “C’mon, just one more, smash it… blah blah blah”?

…Or are you paying for results?

The high cost of one-to-one PT means most people can only afford one session per week. The rest of the time you’re on your own, with no coaching or accountability. Progress, if any, is slow!

Small Group Personal Training at Facility Gym in Bridgnorth changes all that.

With SGPT you get everything you need – your own programme, nutritional guidance, regular assessments & progress reviews and the accountability of working with an expert Coach – but because the sessions are shared, you can get the optimal 3 per week for a fraction of the price!

Consistency is the number one word in fitness & weight loss and more sessions mean more consistency therefore better results, faster! So stop wasting money on rep-counting clipboard holders and start getting the results you deserve.


Lost 75 lbs of fat.

“I was living a lifestyle that is all too common. Eating too much, drinking too much and training way too little. I was depressed and felt terrible.

Now I have a thirst for fitness and have even started ultra-running. I have dropped 75 lbs with the help of the TEAM at The Facility. Don’t get me wrong, the boot camps and training sessions are really tough, but I promise you… They are worth it.”

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Lost 8 Stone in 6 Months

“I lost a big chunk of my weight before working with the guys at The Facility but wanted an extra push to hit my final goal weight.

Losing weight has completely changed my life. I never thought it was possible and hated fitness. Now I almost live for it!

The expert sessions are fun,  varied, intense and scaled to your ability.”

The Facility Gym Reviews


Lost 100 lbs in 6 months

“The Team at The Facility are consummate professionals and are some of the best trainers in the country when it comes to fitness and weight loss. They have an uncanny knack of making tough sessions fun and interesting and always manage to squeeze the extra bit of work from you.

Training at The Facility gym is not like regular gym classes or mundane PT sessions. My have life is completely different now. I am completely different now and for that I highly recommend The Facility.”

What You Get

Goal Setting Session

'Yeah goal setting, you've heard that before', but e want to know the obstacles and barriers to your weight loss and fitness goals. We'll help you establish those daily actions you'll need to hit your goals. We'll work out what makes you tick and gets you fired up. Your goals work both ways and they will help put the 'personal' in your training.

12 Point Assessment

Including body metrics (body fat %, fat mass, muscle mass), posture analysis, functional movement screening to identify any weaknesses, performance test to help you set benchmarks for improvement and lifestyle assessment looking at stress levels, sleep patterns, eating habits, gut health and food choices.

Personalised Programme

Following your assessment, we will create a fitness programme tailored to you. Your training will be a blend of, resistance and strength training, mobilisations, stretching and cardio along with any corrective exercises you need. We'll review them as your body adapts to keep your body guessing and your sessions fresh.

Personalised Nutrition Plan

You'll receive a nutrition guide and meal plan, designed to help you achieve your goals, and an Eat Better Bible cook book packed with 101 healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes. Your coach will regularly check your food diary to make sure you're staying on plan and help you make your changes sustainable.

Training Sessions

You will have an allowance of THREE training sessions per week, choosing from a timetable of more than 30 sessions, including mornings, lunchtimes, evenings & weekends. Your SGPT sessions will be shared by up to 3 other clients, each with their own programme, and led by either one or two senior Facility Coaches.

Monthly Catch Ups

Every month you'll have a one-to-one catch up with your coach to check you're progressing towards your goals. You can check your body metrics, re-take the movement assessment or performance test, or just talk about any obstacles, before we move you onto the next stage of your programme.

Support & Accountability

You will get access to the Facility SGPT Facebook page, where members can ask the coaches questions, share recipe ideas or moments of success or weakness. We regularly share tips on the page to help you understand the science behind what you're doing and achieve your goals faster.

Free Gym Membership

Facility SGPT includes free unlimited gym membership, so you will also have full access to all our Classes (Conditioning, Strength, Power, Core, Boxing Conditioning, Spin & More) and all Facility Clubs, plus access to all Facility workshops

Money Back Guarantee

When you make an investment, you expect a return, right? It should be no different with your health and fitness. That's why, if you sign up for Facility SGPT, we'll guarantee your results. If you follow all our instructions perfectly for at least 6 months and don't see results, we'll return every penny.


We don’t sell PT “by the session” at The Facility, but if you’re “doing the math” that’s just £11.25 per session!
We challenge you to find personal training of this standard cheaper in the Midlands!


Transformation story

“Small Group Personal Training at The Facility has been hard work at times, but always fun, and I’m really pleased with my results. The training programmes the coaches designed for me have been fantastic. I couldn’t recommend the coaches and trainers there enough.”

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Transformation Story

“When I started small group personal training at the Facility, my goal was to lose weight. I had developed some poor eating and training habits. Now, I have no intention of stopping!​ The coaches have helped me get into the best shape I’ve ever been in, dropping over 20kg of fat. My diet has changed drastically and I have really seen the impact of this, not only in fat loss but also in my health.”